Welcome to IPGenius hosted CCIE Data Center V2 Rack.

IPGenius has been in the Cisco Certification training industry since 2007. We have been mentors and guide to hundreds of CCIE's in Canada and USA.
We are now offering CCIE Data Center V2 Racks for hands on practice.
Why should you trust IPGenius Racks ?

  • The racks are hosted in a well maintained Data Center type environment.
  • We insist on deploying Lab equipment as advertised in the CCIE DC V2 blueprint
  • Our present CCIE DC Rack serves the CCIE DC V2 layout.
  • Our racks are capable of executing most CCIE practice lab workbooks such as:
    • Internetwork Expert
    • Cisco 360 Program
    • IPexpert
  • You can be confident our rack will be reliable and accessible at all times.

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